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Akron Dispersions Inc, USA

For over 50 years, Akron Dispersions Inc. has served the Polymer, Chemical, Coating and Adhesive Industries with exceptional products, service and support. Their long-standing commitment to quality and innovation enables them to offer a wide array of technologies producing dispersions, emulsions, and processing finely powdered chemicals, elastomers and formulations specific to the manufacturing needs of the customer.

  • Aqueous Dispersions for Latex Compounds
  • Aqueous Emulsions for Latex Compounds
  • Aqueous Chemical Cure Masterbatches (Composite) for Natural and Synthetic Latex such as CR Latex, Nitrile Latex, Synthetic Polyisoprene Latex etc.

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Manufacturers Chemicals LLC, USA

Manufacturers Chemicals LLC has been one of the largest custom chemical formulators in the United States since 1919. That’s over 90 years of dedicated service to customers; doing their best to provide them quality, affordable chemicals. Speciality products offered for the latex industry:

  • Surfactants – Manawet 172, Manawet WAQ, Manawet A-18
  • Defoamers – (silicone and non-silicone) – Antifoam 30L and Defoamer 5729 (100 % silicone free defoamer).
  • Thickening Agents – (Manathick 031)
  • Foaming agents – Manawet ALS-28 and Manawet A-18 for latex foam products
  • Stabilizers – Manawet 172 for Synthetic Polyisoprene
  • Process Aids – Manawet SMO and Manawet SBO for NR Latex and CR Latex.
We also offer various Textile Chemicals such as sizing agents and softeners etc. Contact us for further details.