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Akron Dispersions

Akron Dispersions Inc, USA

For over 50 years, Akron Dispersions Inc. has served the Polymer, Chemical, Coating and Adhesive Industries with exceptional products, service and support. Their long-standing commitment to quality and innovation enables them to offer a wide array of technologies producing dispersions, emulsions, and processing finely powdered chemicals, elastomers and formulations specific to the manufacturing needs of the customer.

  • Aqueous Dispersions for Latex Compounds
  • Aqueous Emulsions for Latex Compounds
  • Aqueous Chemical Cure Masterbatches (Composite) for Natural and Synthetic Latex.

Product Brochure



Bostex 24 -50% Wingstay L Dispersion
Bostex 346-50% AO 2246 Dispersion
Bostex 379A-50% Agerite Resin MA Dispersion
Bostex 537-50% Irganox 1010 Dispersion
Bostex 783-50% Irganox 1520L
Bostex 742-50% Emulsion of AS100
Bostex 378-50% Sulphur Dispersion
Bostex 410-68% Sulphur Dispersion
Foam Additives
Bostex 580A – 60% SSF Dispersion
Bostex 830 – Cure dispersion for Talalay process Foam
Bostex 841 – Cure Dispersion for Dunlop process Foam
Bostex 768-45% Zinc Stearate
Masterbatch Cure Dispersion
Bostex 805 – Cure Dispersion for Polychloroprene (CR) Latex
Bostex 827 – Cure Dispersion for Natural Latex
Bostex 590B – Cure Dispersion for SBR Latex
Bostex 800/817 – Cure Dispersion for Acrylonitrile NBR Latex
Bostex 800 – Cure Dispersion for XNBR Latex
Bostex 851 – Cure Dispersion for Cariflex IR Latex (Kraton)
Bostex 862 – Cure Dispersion for Cariflex IR Latex (Kraton) DPG free
Bostex 909 – Cure Dispersion for Cariflex IR Latex (Kraton) DPG & ZnO free
Bostex 866 – Cure Dispersion for Cariflex IR Latex (Kraton) DPG & Thiuram free
Bostex 722-25% Potassium Laurate
Bostex 248-10% Ammonium Caseinate
Bostex 764-17% Potassium Oleate
Bostex 417-40% DPG Dispersion
Bostex 497B-50% ZDBC Dispersion
Bostex 553B-50% MBT Dispersion
Bostex 552-50% TMTD Dispersion
Bostex 561-50% ZDEC Dispersion
Bostex 741-50% TBzTD Dispersion
Bostex 422-60% Zinc Oxide Dispersion
Bostex 497D-60% Titanium Dioxide Dispersion
Bostex 725-50% Mineral Oil Emulsion
Bostex 362A-50% Wingstay L/DTDTDP Synergist
Bostex 759-50% Wingstay 29/DTDTDP
Bostex 732-50% Wingstay L/DLTDP synergist
Bostex 757-50% Wingstay/Emulsion-low cost
Additives for Field Latex
Bostex 773-50% TMTD/ZnO Dispersion
Bostex 552-50% TMTD Dispersion
Bostex 422-60% Zinc Oxide Dispersion