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Latex FAQ

Which samples of aqueous dispersions and latex chemicals are available for testing?

What are the advantages of using readymade dispersions from Akron Dispersions Inc?

1. Product produced by experts–It’s been our only business, for almost 50 years and Akron Dispersion, Inc. is certified to ISO 9001-2008 with Design.
2. Conveniently packaged product–pails, drums and totes.
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What are the hidden costs associated with making my own dispersions?

1. Non-active ingredients cost
2. Capital cost of plant & equipment for dispersion manufacture
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I would like to try out your composite cure masterbatches. How much masterbatch should I add?

As a rule of thumb, on most masterbatches we recommend that you add 120-180gm of composite cure masterbatch to 1000gm of wet latex. These levels might vary on the type of latex, as well as the cure condition. The actual and most effective level may depend on product configuration, heat history, process design etc.

Will Akron Dispersions be able to make a cure masterbatch for us based on our recipe?

We frequently work with customers and make cure masterbatch dispersions based on their proprietary recipe. These recipes are shared with us under complete customer confidentiality and sold only to the customer under agreement and with no one else.