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Jim Finn, President, Akron Dispersions, Inc.

Jim Finn attended Kent State University, receiving his B.S. in Biology/Chemistry in 1973 and his Masters in Business Administration, in 1983. Subsequently he has held a variety of positions in the polymer industry. In 1968 he began his career at General Tyre’s Research Chemical Pilot Plant. In 1973-78, he was a process chemist for Sherwood Medical Industries (Pioneer Rubber Co.). In1978, he joined Kent Latex Products as a plant chemist and left in 1993, as the Vice President – Operations. He has been with Akron Dispersions since 1993 and is currently the President of the organization. Finn has authored technical papers on the manufacture of products from natural and synthetic latex and has been involved in a variety of latex industry consulting activities. He has been Chairman of the International Latex Conference since 1998.