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About Us

Rachana Rubber was established in 1972 by visionary and entrepreneur late Gopalji Thakkar as a manufacturer of high-quality dipped latex goods and moulded rubber goods.

In business for nearly 40 years now, Rachana Rubber has in the past been a Grade A supplier for moulded rubber goods to various industries such as automotive, electrical/electronic as well as acoustics. In its present form, Rachana Rubber is in the business of custom formulated latex compounds and a one stop shop for all aqueous dispersions and emulsions for latex compounds along with various latex specific chemicals such as defoamers, surfactants, dispersing agents, silicone oils etc.

In 2009 the management team at Rachana decided to specialize in providing the latex industry in India with tailor-made solutions as there was a lack of speciality chemical providers with sound technical knowledge that catered only to the latex industry. The following year in 2010, they diversified into the distribution of high-quality aqueous chemical dispersions and emulsions for latex compounds from Akron Dispersions Inc., USA, and axillary chemicals for latex compounds from Manufacturers Chemicals LLC, USA

Our Technical Sales Team

The ‘Latex’ advantage from Rachana

“After entering the latex industry, one of the first things everyone is told is : `Latex compounding and manufacturing is an art, not a science’. While this may be very true, precision is the key to achieving high performance/quality latex compounds and products. Whether it is making dispersions and emulsions correctly or using the right surfactants, dispersing agents and defoamers, there is a definite science to it. Our principals use the right science to help us deliver a custom solution to your latex compounding and manufacturing needs,” says Hemant Thakkar, Director, Technical Sales, Rachana Rubber.

Latex and other water based polymeric materials can be “compounded” or formulated with a number of chemical ingredients to achieve, enhance, stabilize and protect their unique physical and chemical properties. These chemical ingredients are added to the latex in the form of fine particle size water-based dispersions and emulsions.

Particle size, a critical factor in the manufacture and selection of an aqueous dispersion, is characterized not only by particle diameter but by the frequency within a given size range i.e the particle size distribution. Highly sophisticated cylindrical mills are used for manufacturing and a laser diffraction instrument is used to measure these critical parameters to assure batch to batch uniformity.

High performance Latex compounds begin with consistent, reliable aqueous dispersions coupled with the right axillary compounds such as surfactants and defoamers, to help keep the latex compound stable and productive over the course of the production cycle.

Rachana Rubber is pleased to offer high-quality water based dispersions and emulsions for latex compounds (such as antioxidant and accelarator dispersions, composite cure masterbatch dispersions etc.) from Akron Dispersions Inc., USA and axillary chemicals such as surfactants, stabilizers and defoamers for latex compounds from Manufacturers Chemicals LLC, USA.

For years we have been helping our customers design and formulate latex compounds for critical applications. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional products and service.

All our individual and composite cure masterbatch dispersions, emulsions and axillary chemicals are manufactured with the same philosophy to give the customer the optimum product to help their business grow. Processing decisions are based on what’s best for the customers, and on this there is no compromise,” adds Harish Thakkar.